Sperm analysis done!,what now??

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Sperm analysis done!,what now??

Postby Debbkinz » Thu Jan 11, 2018 1:53 am

Hi all, so me and my partner have been trying to a baby for a year and a half now,with no luck, he did a sperm analysis!, I have the results and I’m not sure he’s doctor
Knew wtf he was on about cause he said everything’s ok an normal,I can clearly see it doesn’t look great :(

I’m at the drs today at 11:20,to see what mine thinks about the results and to see if I should get a 21 day check etc, I’m gonna ask can I have the hsg test done?
I can’t temp as I work nights :( so that’s balls’z that one up for me haha
Tbh,we haven’t really been putting much effort in? Well I ain’t because I’m so tired an hubby plays on he’s PS4 most nights and I just cbfa when he feels like he wants abit after he’s fucking sat there playing he’s game an then realised he wants abit,makes me feel awful and used. So maybe it’s my fault but I dunno! Lol
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