Literally Heart broken.

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Literally Heart broken.

Postby mellliex » Sat Oct 15, 2011 9:13 am

So i have been ttc1 for a few months, everyone in my family knows this. So today I went to my sisters house for dinner and on her counter was a women's heath bill. Bright pink slip with the words "surgical abortion" circled. I nearly cried. I know she isn't ready for a baby, and I know its her choice, but for some reason I'm so offended by her and upset. I didn't mention it to her but I'm unbelievably this normal?
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Postby socialite_baby » Thu Nov 10, 2011 3:09 pm

Yes, it's normal. I'm against abortion for non medical reasons and a friend of my SIL (not close to me at all) freely talked about her abortion in my house. I nearly lose it every time I see her, but I have to remind myself it's her decision and she's the one who has to answer to it... On the bright side though, one less pregnancy/birth announcement in your life! (My attempt at making light of the situation, not meant to be offensive :wink:) Maybe try talking to your sister about it, she might need to confide in you too.
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Postby cherimartin86 » Sat Jan 14, 2012 12:01 am

I also have a sister that had an abortion 6 months ago because she didn't want a 2nd child and I am very hurt about it still and every month when af shows, I resent her and get angry all over again. I know this is a me problem, but it still hurts. I totally understand and I think it is normal, but I feel guilty about it.
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Postby NavyDiverWife » Sat Jan 14, 2012 12:12 am

My brother's gf had one in October. She wasn't ready and they came to me first with all of her symptoms. He knows were trying but always come to me for advice. It was pretty heartbreaking to talk them through everything and helping her test, but like socialite_baby said you have to remind yourself that it's their decision no matter how much it hurts. They did end up breaking up a month later. Honestly, I think if she would have kept it I probably would have been more jealous. I really hate to say that and I feel awful but they wouldn't have been able to give him/her a stable home and I would have known that I could.

I hope everyone gets their :bfp: very soon and that no one has to deal with an abortion.
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