question about cm and ovulation

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question about cm and ovulation

Postby snookersnoo » Fri Feb 17, 2012 11:14 am

hi everyone!

so, just a little info, i came off bcp at the end of september and had cycles that were 36, 40, and 27 days since.

i am currently on cd 34, getting bfn's with no sign of af. i am not sure when i o'd this month. after af ended, i had alot of cm, it got more and more wet and watery up until cd 25. on that day, i had cramps that felt exactly like af! and i thought it might've been because my previous cycle was 27 days.

anyways, i'd made notes that i had very light, mild cramps for a few days and on that day they intensified really quickly over the course of the evening, and then very quickly stopped before i went to bed. and since then, hardly any cramps, and cm pretty much all but dried up.

since that was pretty much the last of any wet cm, is it likely that's when i o'd? and is it possible that cramping during ovulation feels like af cramps?
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