just wanto vent....

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just wanto vent....

Postby kaci_nicole » Thu Mar 01, 2012 5:49 am

..... To people who won't think I'm crazy! So I had my implanon removed October 27, 2011 and DH and i have been NTNP since then. Neither of us have any known fertility issues. I assumed I would be pregnant by now considering our ages and good health, but still nothing! I have tried and tried not too get to crazy about trying to conceive, but yesterday I broke down and dropped one hundred dollars on ovulation tests, preseed, and wondfo pregnancy tests! ):

Thank you to anyone who listened to my venting. I have no one to share this with and this site makes me feel better knowing I'm not alone.

Any words of encouragingment are appreciated! It's hard to keep trying and keep faith too.
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Postby Cwprincss » Thu Mar 01, 2012 11:32 am

I know how frustrating TTC your first child can be. My husband and I have been together for 13 years and we are still working on it. Trying is supposed to be the fun part, but when you keep trying and it doesn't happen, it isn't fun anymore. Then you start injections and IUI to get you pregnant and just know it's going to happen and it doesn't again. You just have to push through it and keep trying. You will find a lot of support on this board. We are all in the same boat as you so feel free to vent all you need! If you want to chat or need someone to talk with, feel free to PM me.

Take care,
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Postby Lavender_Kitty » Sun Mar 04, 2012 10:07 am

I understand :( It's hard trying NOT to get crazy! I told myself our TTC journey would be easy and simple and calm.. Just to the BD as much as possible, especially every day or every other day mid-cycle (which is great for DH because he has a very high sex drive), and let it happen when it happens! I thought I wouldn't even need to test until I missed a period...

But it hasn't worked like that at all. I don't seem to be able to "let go." Part of me worries that just by trying as hard as we are we'll cause it to take longer! But I don't know. We do our best, right??
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Postby conniettcbaby1 » Wed Mar 14, 2012 2:43 pm

You're not crazy and there are so many of us in your position, your time will come just keep trying. It's not as easy as we all thought it would be is it? We've been ttc over a year now and nothing! A fee months ago I went through what ur goin through now and was just obsessing over it and spending money on pre seed and opk's and herbs etc but now I'm almost resigned to the fact that it may not happen and were not 'trying' as hard anymore because it's just so draining, especially watching ALL your friends get pregnant and have their babies... I won't say relax and it will happen, but o will say keep faith! GL!
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Postby MrsR » Thu Mar 15, 2012 1:06 am

Lavender and Connie, everything you've said is so right. I expected to have a fun 3-4 months having loads of BD and fun before our lives changed forever with a new baby.

Now it's towards the end of cycle 7. Cycle 6 was a miscarriage, and most of my friends and workmates are well into their pregnancies if not ready to deliver. I'm going to a baby shower on Sunday and I'm not sure how I'll go, am a bit scared. Trying to get prepared for AF towards the end of next week without falling to pieces. And then I feel guilty because I know there are people out there with much harder stories than mine.

It's just a horrible phase of life for some of us - it's harder to take because it's happy and joyous for so many oblivious people out there who get pregnant at the drop of a hat, then whinge about their pregnancies/babies/kids in my presence, etc.

Good luck everyone this month x
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