Dont know whats happening with my body!

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Dont know whats happening with my body!

Postby aurora17 » Mon Jun 11, 2012 9:41 am

Im lucky enough to have regular cycles but since around september last year they've been really heavy so my doc prescribed tranaxamic acid. Sorry to go into detail but usually what happens is day 26/27 I'll get some cramping, spotting, sore bb's then day 28 i get a really heavy flow take the tablets (2 tabs x3) they work really well and the nxt day I'll have quite a light flow followed by maybe one day of spotting then thats it. So last Wednesday was day 26 for me, I was expecting the usual but just got the spotting, no cramping ect. Thursday, day 27 more of the same, then 4am on Fri morning I was woken up by some of the worst cramps I've had for a long time. Actually DH woke up first because I had taken a sleeping tablet and was still out for the count even though I was aware of the pain and apparently was writhing about the bed making all sorts of noises. So he gave me a shake and it took some 30/500 co-codomol, 400mg ibuprofen, a cup of tea, hot water bottle and a wee back rub (god luv him lol) to get me back to sleep. So I was fully ecpecting the worst when i got up on Friday but there was nothing! Not a spot all day and nothing since :shock: The thing is that since Friday my bb's are on fire! I mean dont even look at them nevermind touch them, I'm also absolutely exhausted, have lower backache and I constantly need to pee even though I'm not drinking as much. Out of curiosity I poas yesterday morning (mainly because of the bb's) it was BFN but I still have these symptoms.

Has anyone else had any experience like this?

I thought for a minute that maybe the unholy cramping was late implantation. With the other symptoms I suppose it could have been and it would probably be still too early to test, but on the other hand I dont know how I could be pregnant after those cramps. Maybe I'm making my bb's sore thinking about it, I wouldnt be surprised I've convinced myself of many symptoms over the past couple of years.

I know all I can do is wait and see but what do you guys think?
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Postby girliegirl7 » Mon Jul 02, 2012 9:09 am

I see you posted this a few weeks ago so hopefully you got your BFP and don't have to deal with all this crap anymore. In the event you didn't, know you're not alone. I have a super regular 28 day cycle and the last few periods I've gotten, the symptoms have been magnified. Fatigue, cramps a full week in advance of AF, dizziness, appetite changes, etc. I think I probably always got these symptoms since going off the pill, which I was on for 11 years, but because I am hoping to get PG I'm probably just more attuned to my body. I look up my symptoms all the time and always think this month might be it, but they I get AF and I'm back at square one.
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