TTC 1st baby, month 12, dpo: 1

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TTC 1st baby, month 12, dpo: 1

Postby angelahalice » Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:21 am

After spending the last year stalking endless threads, I have finally worked up the courage to share my story. If anyone wants to join me this cycle, you're more than welcome as I am currently 1dpo. DH is 24 and I am 20. I had an implanon in for 4 years, had it removed in May 2011 and have had regular 28- 31 day cycles every month since (except for last month when af played a mean trick and came 16 days late!)Im lucky enough to have a really good Doctor who decided to start testing at 9 months. First was the internal ultrasound which showed that I had some unusual fluid in my uterus, which he said would have been from a cyst I had on one of my ovaries, which had ruptured. He also said I might have very minor endo which shouldn't be affecting my ability to concieve. Next on month 10, DH had his semen analysis, whicAsia's difficult as we live 55 minutes away from the place and the sample had to be done within a 45 minute timeframe before the courier arrived to take all the samples to the lab. In which that meant for a very interesting drive there by himself! (I still haven't stopped laughing about it). When we went to get the results a week later, the Doctor said that the analysis was fine, everything was normal with DH's little swimmers. He also advised for us to relax and keep trying for a few more months and if nothing happens, to come back and more tests will be run on me by a specialist which I will get referred to. Last month (month 11) when af was over 2 weeks late, I managed not to get my hopes up until the second week and tested 5 times, all bfn, which was shortly followed by the post painful af I have ever had (11/6). When af ended on the 16/6, I started ovulation testing, and exactly a week later (2 days ago) and got a positive ov test. DH and i bd every second day since af ended, which brings us to now, 1dpo. In need of motivation because I'm beginning to believe its never going to happen.
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Postby VPatel » Tue Jul 24, 2012 4:41 am

Hi Angel Halice,

Just wanted to say done give up. It's really not easy and can be so dis-heartening but it will all happen when God wants it too! He just hasn't come to the right time to make it work out yet!

Stay as active as possible the 5 days around your ovulation dates (2 days before, the day of positive and two days after, if you are able to track the dates you expect the positive result) as this is really helpful to keep you motivated and positive. Also try using pre-seed people give really good reviews.

I am now 6 dpo...the wait is awful!
Baby dust to you! Keep me posted! :)
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