23 months ttc

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23 months ttc

Postby kimk0621 » Wed Jul 11, 2012 6:47 am

Well today marks our 23rd month of ttc and right on track my period arrives. I thought maybe it would get easier after in May we decided we were going to take a much needed break and just let things relax awhile. but it isn't any easier wether I'm have in middle of IUI, IVF or on a break. it all sucks big time. there is nothing in life I have ever wanted more than anything than to be a mommy and a wife. I have my prince charming but still waiting on the mommy part to come true. Each month i loose more and more hope of this ever happening. i try to keep the faith but so hard.

We still have 1 frozen embie but our RE says we have only a slim chance of it working. Now he's saying my dx is PCOS, Endo (mild) and still possible unexplained infertility. We are workign on seeing a new dr but just to get a consult is $2000 and insurance has all been used. Plus I am needing a break from this all.

Just needing some reassurance that I will be ok no matter what happens and praying for a miracle. Wishing life didn't have to be so damn hard all the time and something would come easy for me. :cry:
Me 36 DH 32 TCC Aug 2010-Oct 2011 4 IUI's all BFN. Ivf Journey Sept 21 cx due to very high e2 levels 10/27:( IVF #2 ER1/28/12 antagonist protocol transfer 2/3 9 eggs retrived and 4 fertilized! BFN 2/14--devasted IVF #3 April 20th 7 eggs retrive 6 fertilized Transfer April 25th 2 Grade 4aa embies 1 frozen
Beta #1 May 7 BFN, met with dr and have been told unexplained fertility, PCOS and endo. Not having much hope:(

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Postby jmendez84 » Wed Jul 11, 2012 2:55 pm

I can't even imagine everything you're going through. My troubles are different but I know what it's like to want something and feel hopeless and completely out of control especially in regards to what your body can and cannot/won't do. But the mind is a powerful thing and it's capable of doing great things. I know it's cheesy but the power of positive thinking has practically saved my life in the last few years. It's kept me from falling into what could have been a terrible relapse of my auto-immune disease and it's allowed me to continue ttc despite my m/c in Jan which lead to a slew of other health problems because of my pre-existing condition.

So all this to say, have faith, stay positive and know that you WILL overcome this. Take a vacation, read a funny book (Let's Pretend this Never Happened is a great memoir I just read, highly recommend) and visualize a beautiful light in your body, healing you, granting you peace and giving you strength. I do this visualization almost every night and I have a mental conversation with my woman parts and tell them that I am grateful for what they CAN do for me and I know that they will work good enough to give me this great joy I so desperately want. I know it all sounds hokey and whatnot but I truly believe this works. I will keep you in my prayers and send you baby dust. :)
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