can someone tell me what this could be??

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can someone tell me what this could be??

Postby lilcabral » Mon Feb 04, 2013 12:52 pm

Hi guys! This is my First month ttc. I have been keeping track for over à year of my cycles and i am almost always 28-29 days. I randomly will have à 30 say cycle every couple months and usually after that Ill get à short month like 25 days. This last month was à 30 day cycle so i think i may have à shorter cycle this month which is confusing me. I think i may have ovulated early because if i were to have à 28 say cycle this month I shouldnt have ovulated until this Tuesday. But yesterday and today i have had less cm n more cream? I did get the ewcm i think thurs,friday. I went to washroom today and notices the smallest drop of blood. My bb's have been pretty sire on the sides but Thats commin with me ovulation so im confused as to if i already have or if i am right now? Why would i get blood if i already ovulated? Please help!!
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