New here and I have a some DPO pains....

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New here and I have a some DPO pains....

Postby Lily9911 » Sat Feb 23, 2013 5:08 am


I'm new and I've just wanted to know if anyone else have gone through some pains during ovulation or possible implantation?

I am currently 8 DPO...

At 6 DPO I was feeling blech at work because the flowers that were on my desk were makin me sick. I could REALLY smell them....

Then Last night when I was 7 DPO I was laying in bed around 10-10:30. I got such a sharp twinge in my abdomen !
It felt like a lighting bolt on my right side....

I have NO idea what that feeling was and I did get that feeling once before... I think it was last month.

Now I've been doing the digital OPKs but the only time I EVER got a positive was on February 1st.... I did have the shower on at the time and maybe the heat caused it to give a false positive?

My cycle is 33 days and I started on Jan 28- ended on Feb 6th. The OPK showed positive during my period on CD 5.
We BDed just in case.... My OBGYN said I should be ovulatingthe week of Valentines (how sweet!)

So we BDed the 7th, 9th, 13th, 15th and 17th and again on the 20th just cause....
I ran out of digital OPKs so I used the line ones during that week and they were ALL negative. >.<!!!

So now I'm at 8DPO and I was feeling sick last night, had some heartburn while I was laying down, I got up to pee a few times at night, I felt like a fuzziness in my belly. And this morning while driving to work I got that sharp pain again now in my left pelvic region!

I felt a lite quizzy but it faded... Then I had to pee again as soon as I got to work.

Anybody have any symptoms so soon? What could those pains be?
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Re: New here and I have a some DPO pains....

Postby Hope2Bpreggy » Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:13 pm

I'm not sure but if you find out tell me! I have same pain
In groin pelvic area just like a lightnin bolt or harsh tug
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