I'm new please help! 18 DPO with BFN's

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I'm new please help! 18 DPO with BFN's

Postby Hope2Bpreggy » Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:10 pm

Hi, We recently started to try for a baby. Im 28 he is 35 .My cycles since Oct 2012 have been from 28 at the shortest and 37 as the longest from jan-feb. my average is about 30 days.

I took a LH test on march 22nd and it tested again about 36 hours later and it was negative. We had sex the day before LH + the day of and the next two days and then again that weekend. i started to have pms type symptoms starting around April 1st but it seemed to Come and go without getting my menses. I'm now on day 37. I

I have used peg tests daily two ept one clear blue and many dollar general brand. Every day it's negative. But the thing is that I have been nauseated the last few weeks off and on. My breast are tender my nipples are very sore and longer and bigger, I've had a shooting pain in my breast to nipple a few times, and something like that in my groin a few times last week.

Im very concerned about not having my period yet. Can this mean I'm infertile or becoming so at 28? I was pregnant once at an early age and was pressured into aborting it (was the right thing to do looking back) but could this have made me infertile? Could I be preg with all tests coming out negative? Please help ASAP! The anxiety over it now I'm worried might prolong this. Thank you so much!

Oh and I would get a blood test but just moved to AZ from CA and in the desert can't get Ito the (only) OB until sept, unless preg but she won't order test without seeing me and appt with PCP out until may!
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Re: I'm new please help! 18 DPO with BFN's

Postby booger » Fri Apr 12, 2013 8:13 pm

So you haven't been temping? You think you for sure ovulated around the 23rd? Here are some scenarios:
1. You geared up to O and started a surge, but didn't happen until a few days later
2. Your LP is long
3. You're pregnant but it's not showing on tests.

You could go to an urgent care or a regular doctor and they can order a blood test--not just an OB. I think if you explained that you're 20DPO, they'll do it?

I would totally dismiss the "infertile" thoughts. That's just crazy talk. You probably just ovulated late!! If I were you, I'd definitely start temping so you KNOW when you ovulate!!
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