First real try. Long irregular cycle

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First real try. Long irregular cycle

Postby slcme » Tue May 20, 2014 5:57 am

Hi everyone. So I've been stalking this site x2 weeks. Time to post. After using ocps x10 years, been off x1 year. DH and I decided to give it a go this month (mid cycle decision). Anyway. DTD on 5/6. Noticed (hadn't been paying attention previously) EWCM 5/7 which was on CD27. Cycles have recently been 32-35 days long. CD 34 and 35 had moderate cramping and expected AF who no-showed. If normal cycle I'm now late, at day 40 with BFN on CD 37 and again this morning CD 40. But because of EWCM on CD27 thinking I ovulated then which would only make me roughly 13 DPO. So confused. Then cramping 32-35 could have been implantation. Have been having slight nausea, feeling hot (was not planning on charting or using opks until next cycle so could start on CD1). Now my hopes are up. Also had bleeding gums last night when brushing teeth which is abnormal for me. BBS not tender or sore. No spotting. Just no sign of AF. Not sure when to test again. Been a stressful month which could account for wonky cycle but again, now my hopes are up!! Longest ever cycle was 44 days, about 1 year ago. Sound pregnant? Even with 13 dpo (maybe) neg. At what point should I call my midwife if still BFN and still no AF?
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