Any Success 2nd Peak Day using Fertility Monitor?

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Any Success 2nd Peak Day using Fertility Monitor?

Postby TryingFinally » Wed Nov 05, 2014 5:14 am


Im using the Clearblue Fertility Monitor - My cycles are irregular (anywhere from 28 days to 49 days). Last month was 39 days. This month, using the monitor for the first time, I got low readings CD 1-12 and Peak CD 13 & 14. No "high" readings in between. If this is correct, I'll be having a normal 28 day cycle this month - very unusual but not impossible for me. We were only able to try on the night of my 2nd peak day, CD 14. I'm worried that this was too late. Yesterday and today (CD 15 & 16) I have very light aching in my lower left side, but nothing alarming.

Has anyone had a BFP only having intercourse the second peak day? Any input? Anyone else had a normal cycle out of the blue when they started to TTC?

Any help is appreciated!
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Re: Any Success 2nd Peak Day using Fertility Monitor?

Postby Calntyne » Sat Jan 03, 2015 6:50 am

My husband and I just started trying (I'm 6 DPO and waiting...) and I'm using the ClearBlue Advanced Digital Monitor too. I started testing day 10 and got a low (circle) reading, then got high readings for the next three days (flashing smiley face), then I got my first peak reading (smiley face) on day 14 so we BD since I had EWCM too. He has three girls from his previous marriage so we're going to give the Shettles Method a shot. I'm a little paranoid about how long it will take since we're only BD one time per cycle though. As an fyi, I'm also using the Fertility Friend iPhone app to plug all this data into since I'm charting my BBT also. It's awesome, I highly recommend it for staying organized because it interprets all the data for you too. Good luck!!
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