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6th Cycle TTC #1- need some clarity..

Fri May 15, 2015 11:17 pm

Hi All! I am new to posting (not new to trawling online boards while symptom spotting/ reading any and all info I can find on TTC and TWW haha). DH and I are 28 and TTC #1 since Jan '15 (heading into our 6th cycle soon). We are both healthy, fit individuals, both work in health and therefore I think we have a very good anatomical understanding about how to optimise pregnancy chances. As far as I know, we should have no reason to have fertility issues (I have regular periods 29days and very good EWCM and positive OPKs on day 14 every month like clockwork), and he- non-smoker, fit, healthy, active... We've tried BD every day, every second day, morning, evenings, etc etc throughout this TTC time.

I have a twin sister and we are TTC at the same time although she only started 1 month ago after her wedding, I know she's had an accidental pregnancy before which gives me more hope that it is possible given that our everything should be similar given our genetics.....

I'm writing this as I battle my 2nd day period pain fighting off tears that yet another month bites the dust. From the first unsuccessful month i've been finding it harder and harder every time AF shows up. My friends and family all keep saying "it'll happen, stop worrying" "If you think about it, it will take longer, stop thinking" "Don't stress" etc. When all I really want is for someone to say "Gosh, that really sucks, it will happen! You're going to be a great mum".

What I want to know is, does anyone have any tips on remaining positive through the process? I can't help every month that for 2 weeks i'm wishing my life away until ovulation and then TWW comes around and I symptom-spot like crazy then get disappointed when i can feel AF symptoms coming on.
How do you pick yourself back up again when AF comes cackling?
How can I relax and "not think about it"?

I know it'll happen, but i'm hoping it's the natural way and sooner rather than later.. haha

Re: 6th Cycle TTC #1- need some clarity..

Sat May 16, 2015 10:27 am

We could literally be the same person !
Same ages and health, and my cycles are 28 days like clockwork with EWCM and o day pretty set. I've started temping now as a natural way to keep track.
We've been trying officially 8months and I've been off birth control for almost a year (which I was on for 2yrs prior).

I can totally understand and feel for you. Everyone tells me the same thing. "Just relax, don't stress" to me it all sounds like blah blah blah.
I believe last month I had a chemical pregnancy...

It kind of made a turn around in me. I CAN get pregnant and I will. Stay active and healthy and busy ! If AF comes, she comes. I believe that my body and mind will set the time and tone for my pregnancy. Trust me I still think about it ! I think we need to accept that we are going to think about it, yearn for it, get sad about it but we need to move on. We can't let anything over take our life. We need to be positive and thankful for what we DO have.

I hope this helps. :) and you're going to be okay. Motherhood is what we are meant for, and it can and will happen.

Re: 6th Cycle TTC #1- need some clarity..

Sun May 17, 2015 2:11 pm

Thankyou!!! BabyJayne0317!! That is exactly right, that is exactly what I am trying to convince myself of. I do think about it a lot, but i don't understand how you are meant to "Not think about it". But i don't believe it stresses me out as such because for a lot of the cycle, I am excited and hopeful. It's really only the last week when I can tell I am out, that I get sad and over analytical. haha

I believe in the first month I had a chemical- I had nausea, metallic taste in my mouth, hyper pigmentation for a week, then BAM! heavier and more painful period right than I have had in the 2 years since i've been off the pill.

To add to it, every week on my Facebook yet another friend my age announces a pregnancy, I am so jealous! haha.

Baby dust to both of us!! Thanks again for replying!

Re: 6th Cycle TTC #1- need some clarity..

Sun May 17, 2015 3:55 pm

Of course !
Once we accept that we're going to have moments of obsession it gets a lot easier.
And I mean who cares what anyone else thinks.
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