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5dpo!! New User

PostPosted: Thu Oct 22, 2015 8:13 am
by RW06M2B
Hey Users!! DH and I MC 8/27. We decided to try again after my cycle came back I got AF back on 10/01 that was the LONGEST wait of my life lol! I ovulated on 10/17 but we were BD a lot this month. We didn't BD until after midnight on the 17th so I was a little worried but the CB OPK says it shows you your surge 12-24 hours prior so hopefully we made it lol! Today I'm 5dpo and got antsy so I took a Digital PT .. It read not pregnant I'm not discouraged because I know it's still too early to get an accurate read. I hope all of your TWW are going well!! Anyone else TTC after MC when did you get your BFP? **baby dust to everyone**