I'm New - And Been Having Weird Symptoms

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I'm New - And Been Having Weird Symptoms

Postby KrySis3 » Sun Nov 22, 2015 9:34 am

Hey everyone!

Some backstory:
I just signed up today on twoweekwait. And I've been TTC since Jan. of this year. I did conceive last month but it turned out to miscarriage instead. I was only 4-5 weeks in, so my body didn't take long to recover and I dealt with the emotional part of that but oddly enough I was able to heal from that too pretty soon after. I didn't have as much of a strong bond because I had a feeling something would have gone wrong anyway. Chicken or the egg, not sure which happened first, if I worried and caused it or it was my body's subconscious telling me why to feel weary.

ANYWHO! This month, after getting my period exactly on time after my MC (4 weeks after MC cramps and bleeding), I then ovulated like I should have the following week (I even felt it way stronger than normal around both of my ovaries.) Here are some confusing things (in the order they occurred):

-Period started Nov. 1st, ended on the 4th.
-Nov. 10th: Took a Dollar Store ovulation predictor, gave me a reading that more or less said I won't be ovulating within the next 48 hours.

-Nov. 13th: Based on the strength of pains around my ovaries at the peak of it, CM (eggwhite) and mood for love, I thought I was ovulating. Which made sense, because it wasn't "48 hours" after the test as it was 3 days later.

-Nov. 14th: I then had pink spotting. I never spot for ovulation but I read it can happen. This has happened so far only once this month, and only on the 14th.

-Nov. 17th: Then started getting cramping pains. I'll explain the cramps: I feel they are somehow different then the pre-period cramps, my uterus could be felt like a swollen bump from the outside when gently sliding my fingertips across my pelvis. This day was the most evident of cramping, milder than my actual period cramping though. Also, it felt like something may be "there" but could also have been my mind playing tricks.

-Nov. 18th: Still cramping. Some bloating, felt some more pains on the right side around uterus/ovary area.

-Nov. 19th: Lotiony CM, still cramping but not as much. Cervix status: High up, closed, soft. Mildly nauseous at night time but could have been due to anything such as the abundance of salty foods I had that day. Had some mild off and on breast pains but I sometimes get that before a period.

-Nov. 20th: Still lotiony CM. Headache, neckache, bloating, acne, mild breast pains like the day before, still cramping mildly, still can feel the swell of my uterus on the outside sometimes, and constipation. My usual pre-period symptoms: moodiness, blah feeling, headaches, acne, and SOMETIMES little pains in breasts. So *shrug*. :\

So, at this point I had noticed a pattern: the swelling and mild cramping happens MOSTLY around evening and into the night usually.

THEN, here comes Saturday!
Nov. 21st: Been in the mood to love make for a few days (I have a low sex drive usually), some nausea but it went away shortly after it showed up. **I felt strong pinpointed pain in my uterus area on one side (my right) - does not feel like my ovary. It's been there off and on, making itself known since the morning. CM is *really* confusing.. I journaled it as, "Somewhere between all 3; soft and slippery like "lotion" but not thick, semi-stretchy, mostly clear but not as thinned out as "watery". Getting a lot of it. Cervix still seems mostly high up, soft but closed."

And today so far (Nov. 22nd): Woke up around 6am-ish with leg cramp in calf (don't know if it's related or not), couldn't fall back to sleep. More acne. Still feeling that pinpointed feeling of pain in uterus on the right, just not AS strongly as yesterday. Occasional lighter pains on my left side ovary area (have been for days). And CM still really wet, more towards watery though, with some slight white tinge.

What do you guys think? My next due period is on the 25th... Based on research, the internet tells me I technically would have ovulated around the 10/11th, usually I get it in the middle of my marked fertile week so that should have been correct. But I was super stressing so maybe it moved to the 13th instead? The spotting still seems a little random.. I heard of spotting for implantation (I spotted when it would have shown up the 1st time I got PG.) But I'm pretty sure I couldn't have spotted due to implantation THAT early. But then a few days after spotting, I get these odd cramps. If anything, I think I may have just got implanted yesterday because of the strong "I'm here" pinpointed pain. Should I just write off my spotting to ovulation? Anyone think I could be getting the BFP in a few days? Anyone else have this? I haven't had fatigue, much nausea, urgentness to pee, breast pains are mild and not consistent, haven't had major mood swings.
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Re: I'm New - And Been Having Weird Symptoms

Postby SueMein » Tue Nov 24, 2015 4:51 pm


I've also being having weird stats this month. My husband says "we are not robots", so it's normal for our bodies to differ from month to month. It is still stressful though, but I try not to let it be.

Are you taking your temperature in the mornings? I use the "Ovagraph" app on my smartphone and it has being much useful to see my data each cycle.

When you see a sharp rise in your temps you can know for sure you ovulated. Also from what I've read as long as you have creamy or egg-white CM, you are considered fertile.

Good luck.

31 Yr old kiwi girl TTC #1 since Oct 2015. I highly recommend the book. "Taking Charge of Your Fertility", and the "Ovagraph" app.

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