Greetings from Newbie

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Greetings from Newbie

Postby geekgirl » Sun Nov 22, 2015 9:00 pm

Hello All,
I am new here. We have been ttc for over a year and I just decided to join a forum to talk about it all.

I don't know what really I should say here. A year ago I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with PCOS. Was given metformin to try to conceive and told that I needed an ultra sound. (The ultra sound didn't happen because it was schedule the same day my grandpa died...and I forgot to reschedule). I was going to go back in, after things calmed down. After a few months on the medication, I just couldn't handle the side effects anymore. So I stopped. Funny thing, my wildly unpredictable periods became regular, with a 30 day cycle. Well until this month.
This month my period never came, and it was due around the 8th. Got excited then BFN. This past week have had some interesting things going on from sore breasts, nausea, heartburn, and some interesting experiences with food. Took another home test yesterday and BFN. So I have no idea what is going on there, and really don't want to go in unless I have a solid reason. (I have to go to a different doctor at least every month for a work related wrist injury after five years I am so so sick of doctors).

So do you guys think I should just wait it out and see what happens? Or suck it up and go in?
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Re: Greetings from Newbie

Postby peacefultides » Mon Nov 23, 2015 10:05 am

Hello! I'm also new here! I have only been trying for 3 months but am familiar with PCOS- my mother had it and likely her mother too. I have never been formally diagnosed but had been on BC since I was 12 to regulate ovarian cysts until I came off them to ttc. I was on BC for 8 years.
Also I have been to PT appts and doctors almost weekly after a car crash messed up my shoulder so I definitely understand not going! Its frustrating to spend an hour or likely more regularly at a Dr.'s office. If they are anything like mine they over schedule and almost always make you wait a ridiculous amount of time in the waiting room. SO aggravating.
However! Your symptoms seem like they are different for you this month and your periods had been regular for you up until now and you are late. I would schedule an appt, they may insist on blood work that would tell you sooner than a hpt.
I hope that AF stays away for you and this is it!
I'm in my own tww right now with all kinds of weird symptoms too, the tww seems to take forever. Especially when you are unsure when your period will come because its not regular.
Lots baby dust to you!
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