I'm new here, and so confused! 14 DPO BFN??

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I'm new here, and so confused! 14 DPO BFN??

Postby Sneaky_Baggins » Mon Jun 27, 2016 10:28 pm

Hello TWW community!

I've been lurking here ever since my DH and I got married in October of last year.

A little back story for our TTC journey: We tried for a baby in November, and I knew I was pregnant. The intuition was there from the get-go. I had my normal AF symptoms like sore heavy bbs, fatigue etc. but I was also weepy, had vivid dreams, frequent urination and a metallic taste in my mouth that came and went. I tested early a bunch of times and got BFNs. I tested the day AF was due and got a BFN. So I decided to wait until AF was a whole week late before I tested again. During that week, I felt my bbs get less and less sore but AF still didn't come (usually the day I notice my bbs are less sore is the day I start) and I had cramping like AF that got more and more consistent and strong. I had a lot of pain in my lower back, and I was spotting brown. I knew something was wrong, but since the spotting was still sort of light, and not red yet, I held out hope. After a week had passed, I tested fmu with a cbd, and got my BFP. I still didn't really believe it, knew something was very wrong, I just KNEW it. Lo and behold, hours later the spotting became red, the cramping intensified, and I knew for sure I was losing my baby. I went to the doctors and they confirmed that my HcG levels were waaaaaay below what they should be, and ultrasound confirmed that I was indeed miscarrying. They say it must have failed almost as soon as it began, because they couldn't find any trace of fetal tissue or an amniotic sac on the scan. I think this is called a Chemical Pregnancy.....

After that loss I decided I wanted to make sure I was as healthy as possible, so that by body had the best chances of keeping the next one! My cycle returned right on schedule, but I wanted to wait a few months so I could wean off all of my prescription meds and make some lifestyle changes. I'm now prescription medication free, and successfully managing my Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome with a healthy natural lifestyle! We don't really use conventional pharmaceutical remedies for anything anymore, (with the exception of ibuprofen used very sparingly) we use time - honored old fashioned remedies like bone broth, teas, and essential oils, elderberries, etc. and we have found them to be a much more effective (and cheap!) alternative!

We eat mostly traditionally prepared whole foods, including cultured foods, and I take raw organic wholefood prenatal vitamins every day. I also use magnesium oil spray, and a hormone balancing essential oil blend from every night.

We only ever use preseed for lubrication, not only because it's safe for sperm, but because it's just great quality stuff! If you haven't tried it I highly recommend you do. A little bit goes a long way, it doesn't stain, it doesn't dry all sticky, and best of all for me it doesn't sting me down there like all other lubes seem to for some reason!

I keep track of my cycle by noting CM, BBT, and symptom changes in an app. My cycle is usually a bit long, around 32 days, and it's often a day or two off. Well this month, after using that oil blend from the beginning of my cycle, I think I O'd around 5 days early! After crunching the numbers, I realized that this O date should mean that my cycle will be exactly 28 days! It really did balance my hormones and reset my cycle! I knew it would, because it's done the same for every woman I know who uses it, lol. Anyway, the early O caught me off guard a little bit, but we DTD on my last low temp day (suspected O day) and every other day after that for almost a week, so hopefully we hit the mark somewhere!

Now, the part where I outline my symptoms.

O Day - 5 DPO nothing much to report, aside from a sinus cold. Treated the cold with Garlic, Elderberry syrup, oregano oil and hella herbal teas. Took 400 mg of ibuprofen once a day for two days I think. I know, I know, it shouldn't really be taken during pregnancy, but it was that or end up with a full-blown sinus infection because they couldn't drain properly! With the help of the ibuprofen my other remedies were able to actually get up into my sinuses and stop the madness. :) I totally forgot about the whole TWW thing.

6 DPO - Gassy that afternoon, and painfully bloated. Later that evening after That had, uh, passed, I felt fine. Then I had this weird cramp type thing, that wrapped around my middle back and my left side. It passed after a couple of minutes, but boy that was odd. That night (mind you pregnancy hadn't been on my mind at all. Hadn't been talking about it, no obsessive googling, nothing all week) As I was going down the stairs to grab something off my desk, I shocked myself as I said out loud to the (subconsciously perceived?) baby in my belly "Come one baby, let's go downstairs!" WHAAAAAT??! This is when I first thought "Whoa. Am I pregnant? Was that a freaky intuition thing that just happened?"

7 - 9 DPO - Usually around 7 dpo my bbs get sore, but they weren't yet! I also have been having trouble sleeping, and weird vivid dreams ever since.

10 DPO - Felt painful twinges in uterus while I was in the shower. Actually made me grab my tummy and say OW! Starting to get tired very easily. Had to break single jobs (like cleaning the bathrooms) down into stages, with breaks for tea and a snack inbetween! After I got all of my cleaning done I tired to take a nap, but couldn't settle. I enjoyed resting all cozy-like listening to a LOTR audiobook. Transient mild queasiness. Bbs finally starting to get sore. At first only one was sore, which is another odd thing for me. Whatever!

11 DPO - POAS FMU BFN FRER. Fatigue, hunger, gassy, mild twinges in uterus, bbs still getting more sore. BD that night. Sex drive seems unusually high for this time in my cycle perhaps?

12 DPO - Sunday - I was tired and a little queasy when we got up in the morning for Mass, and I was FLIPPIN FREEZING in that unheated church! I was so incredibly cranky about the heaters not being turned on. Perhaps unreasonably cranky. When we got home DH made brunch for us, and afterwards we took our fancy schmancy decaf mocha coffees back up to our bedroom so we could snuggle under the warm blankets while we relaxed, drank our hot drinks and watched a little Netflix. Yeah that didn't last long! Netflix and chill for the win! xD After the BDing, I was EXHAUSTED. I mean, we didn't do anything crazy, and I don't usually feel tired afterwards so this was really weird to me! I actually FELL ASLEEP. I took a NAP! That's crazy for me. I am a cursed person doomed never to be able to sleep during the day ever. No matter how much I want/need a nap, I just never can get to sleep. But on this day, I did. As I was falling asleep I noticed a bunch more of those little twinges. Mild little pains, in the same spot. Not cramping and spreading like an AF cramp, just little "beeps." The beeps weren't really disturbing me, in fact they seemed to be making me even more sleepy!

13 DPO - bbs still getting even more sore, gassy, mild headache, in a cozy "I just want to curl up inder blankets all day and hopefully sleep a lot" kind of mood. Some little beeps. Funny mild aches all over torso, in my groin and around my hip bones when bending over, or sitting for a long time. At dinner I was super hungry. I ate a perfectly reasonable portion, but still wanted more, and was cranky that there was none left. Easily irritated by silly things. I was super hungry (tummy growling and everything) while I was trying to go to sleep. I felt super bloated as I was laying in bed, and felt some more of those beeps.

14 DPO - POAS FMU BFN FRER. I'm still not seeing any signs of AF (I usually spot brown the day before) and my bbs are still sore. I also had the highest bbt reading yet this cycle! My lower back is achy (possibly from sitting at this computer for ages!) I'm still feeling some of those mild little beep pains, and I think I might have felt one or two veeeeery mild AF like sort of cramps.

15 DPO - Backache, bbs still sore and heavy, temp .09 below yeaterday's reading, but still well above coverline. Lots of pinches and funny aches all over. Creamy/watery cm making me think af is here, but still no spotting in sight. Felt some mild af like cramps. Cried when I saw my cat over Skype because I miss him so much.

Most of my symptoms can easily be explained by AF, except the little pains. Normally I don't have any sort of cramping until AF is here (or mere hours away), so these little beeps are a very different thing for me! Sunday morning was when I had the most of those little pains, dozens over a couple hours. Since then I only have them once in a while, but always in the same spot. And then that crazy thing on the stairs? What do you think ladies? Anybody here in the same boat with a 14 DPO BFN?

Even if I'm out this month, I'm not terribly upset about it. There's always next month! And next month I'll have a better picture of what's going on as far as my cycle shift is concerned anyway.

Thanks for reading, and baby dust to us all!
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