Implantation Bleed?? 9-10DPO

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Implantation Bleed?? 9-10DPO

Postby shabbiramina8 » Fri Aug 18, 2017 2:53 pm

Implantation Bleed or AF?

About me:
PCOS diagnosis at 16 y.o.
Only get periods with birth control and provera.
My age: 22yo. DH: 28 yo. TTC #1
Bloodwork: Fairly normal ranges.
NTNP 3 years. TTC for about 18 months now, Using clomid since March.

This cycle:
last period was induced with provera.
Clomid 150 mg CD 2-6.: Ovulated for first time
Premama CD7- CD28 ( I Ran out)
My husband has been taking Fairhaven fertilaid for men- he has good sperm count but just as a precaution

used clearblue digital OPKs to check for ovulation: positive opk- CD 12
CD 20 opk - true positive due to cm. I do not temp.
BD very often (every day or every other day) (For CD 20 We BD'd the 3 days leading upto ovulation, and the two days after (NOT OVULATION DAY because hubby was at work). I also used preseed for BD around CD 20.

Post ovulation:
progesterone cream,Daily prenatal, and prenatal dha/epa. I know I might not need progesterone but all these ttc forums made me think it might be a good idea. .

9DPO: Red Spotting (around 8pm)
Yesterday, at 9dpo , I had red colored spotting only one wipe worth. I put on a pad just in case. nothing this morning. I suspected implantation bleed and read online that implantation bleed is usually pink/brown but if it can be red if you just implanted.

10DPO: Pink/ Brown Spotting (around 4:30 pm)
FRER FMU: NEgative
Spotting slightly more in quantity than yesterday- several wipes worth. I also had some slightly thick cm. I only get brown blood with AF when I haven't had a period in a while, but I just had one last month with provera.

Other symptoms I've had are hunger, constipation, dry mouth, gassiness, fatigue, ovarian twinges and vivid dreams. I don't know if I'm just symptom spotting, or these are legitimate symptoms.

Am I getting my hopes up? Or is it Implantaion? My nonpregnant hcg level is 1 miu. I know it too early to test, so I'm going to try to wait.


I've been lurking serveral ttc forums, finally thought to post a question as this is the closest I've gotten to success. I'm kind of happy I found a clomid level that finally induced ovulation, My gyno was going to send me to a fertility specialist if this did not work, and my insurance would not cover that.
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Re: Implantation Bleed?? 9-10DPO

Postby shabbiramina8 » Sat Aug 19, 2017 4:01 pm

Update: Not test (trying to wait)- Dark brown spotting

morning: light brown discharge and pink spotting.

Now/ 6:45 pm: Dark brown spotting/discharge on panty liner.

Ive never had a discharge this dark before even with period blood. This morning I started to get disappointed that it might be AF but dark brown spotting is consistent with my theory of implantation bleed. Especially seeing that I have had a period every cycle since march (due to provera/clomid prescription), so there is no reason its period blood.

Ive also find myself taking naps during the day with vivid dreams. Last night I had a dream that my sis-in-law (who is 4 months pregnant) got a daughter, and immediately afterward I got a son (Dream was a lil complicated- had a full storyline but this is the gist). Maybe this is due to how much I think about ttc.

Anyway, anyone have Dark brown discharge/ implantation bleed? How long after should I test? Did you get BFN?
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