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OPK: Different brands, different results

Wed Aug 29, 2018 2:52 pm

I used the same urine sample for 3 different tests. Top to bottom: Easy@Home, Clearblue Digital (gave me empty circle), First Response. What do you make of this?

Re: OPK: Different brands, different results

Sun Sep 02, 2018 6:00 pm

Don't see a pic, but I can tell you that I experienced tests not giving same results with same urine sample. The way the different tests detect (and how much they detect) can be different from brand-brand and type. I've heard that opks usually give the best results in the afternoon, NOT with FMU. I've also heard bad things about digitals being very inconsistent. Your LH surge can also be VERY short (only a few hours), so if you only test once/day, you might miss it... I used cheapie dipstick Wondfos (bought online) and POAS tests. Used the cheapies 3x/day (am, afternoon, pm) and the POAS test in the morning. I only considered an opk positive if both tests gave the same result. FWIW: my cheapie dipsticks always gave the darkest lines between 1-4pm, even if they were positive in the morning.

The month of my bfp, I had 2 different LH surges. The first time, I had positive tests, but the two different tests were never positive on the same day. Temp never indicated O happened, so I kept testing. About a week later, I got a second set of positive tests, this time both positive at the same time and confirmation of O by temperature.

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