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PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2012 6:35 pm
by Nickolet
Flipflopmom~ I thought I was getting sick too. But I have just been cold and a headache all weekend. I have been having this twinge on my left side today I hope thats a good sign! So your af is due this wed? I'm so excited for you!! I will be stalking this site waiting to see your :bfp: !!!

I will keep everyone posted this week also. :af: was due friday, saturday, or vary rare my cd28 which is today! So....I will let everyone know if she shows or not tomorrow and maybe I will test. I'm so scared!!

:fingers crossed: for you flipflopmom!!

Baby Dust!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2012 6:47 pm
by flipflopmom
Thank you Nickolet. My fingers are crossed and so are DH's. I did the calculations because I'm big on numbers, and it would be really due date would either be 10/10/12 (my best friend's lucky number is 10), 10/11/12 (which is cool for the numerical order of the date), or 10/12/12 (which is cool because when my parents were dating and they couldn't say "I love you" in front of their families, one would ask the other, "what time are we meeting" which was AKA for "I love you" and the other would say "12" which was "I love you too") 12 is a big deal for them, and me since it always meant "love" in our house growing up.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:14 am
by Blondielicious
Wow I have missed so much...

Sorry about all the BFNs and AF ladies and congrats to all the BFPs..

WBourne your chart looks amazing, can you not get a blood test to see if you are preg and the tests are just not picking it up?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 8:38 am
by Nickolet
Ok well no :af: this morning! My back is hurting today though. That could go either way, :af: or preggo.

*TMI sorry* I have also noticed, yesterday and today I have more wet stuff in the undies than I did when I was ovulating! This whole month not much CM so I ordered fertile cm for next cycle, now that she is past due I'm noticing more of it now. WHY? Does that mean the witch is coming? Yesterday and today I keep running to the bathroom to check if she has arrived and just wet.

So what has been going on with everyone else?!?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:05 am
by FQ

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:11 pm
by manders04
Sorry to hear you're having a rough day, Rochelle! I love FQ's suggestion, it is really difficult to be upset while wearing a lovely red lipstick! :D

Hoping the best for you, Nikolet!

:af: showed up for me promptly at 6 am today, right on time. Disappointing, but yay for another shot at this, no pun intended! Can't wait to ovulate!

I'd hate to lose touch with everyone, so I'll still check in! :jump:

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 3:01 pm
by WBourne

Sorry for :af: ladies...November babies for you!!

Well due today or possibly tomorrow but no sign of her what so ever!
My chart...!! My temp would be down almost certainly to 37.0 by now and the fact that I have just started getting sore boobs just doesn't make sense.
Didn't test this morning but off to the doctors at midday and get a beta drawn with results today or tomorrow.

My acupuncturist thinks I have a healthy pregnancy budding with fantastic sx's and a chart that says it all. He did wonder ectopic but my pulse is strong and good.
He agrees that if I'm not preggo...hense the bfn's that there is something else going on. If it is a cyst or something I'm glad we are with fertility and it can be treated right away!

I could just be one of the ladies that don't get bfp's until after a missed period. I hope so!!!!!!!

Will let you know as soon as I do!

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 6:34 pm
by flipflopmom
Well, first off, ladies....give the :af: hell. "There will be blood in this battle!" hahahaha.....drown her in wine and lunch meat and sushi!!!!

As for me, still in the running ladies....I took a test today (couldn't resist) and I got a faint line within a minute of testing at 1 in the that could be a good thing, or it could be bogus because it was a Target brand test (blue dye). I'm gonna save the pink one a few more days until I know whether I need to drop a house of wine on the :af: or not.

***Time for TMI***

Other than that, I've been really crampy today, and backache, and aching around the hips as almost follows the line of my pelvis to where it's achy. Got a little brown discharge, which kind of bummed me out because I thought it was AF early, but it went away and never showed red.

Rochelle and Nickolet....same here girl. I've been getting my AF cramp in my knee like I always do right when she arrives (it's like she shows up, kicks me in the knee and makes my life hell for a few days.), and I ran to the potty, and nothing but wet.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 6:51 pm
by WBourne
My shopping car consists of Red Bull, chocolate muffins and pregnancy tests!!

Went to the doctor and his poas was bfn, got the vibe he thinks af will arrive in a day or so. But gave me a thing to get bloods done if af doesn't arrive Ina couple of days.

I'm starting to think maybe I was off on O day but I highly doubt it. Maybe I did O on 19 or 20?????

Feeling pretty crappy right now :(

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 6:55 pm
by flipflopmom
I'm sorry Bourne.....I'm gonna feel the same way if AF shows up. I've been trying to set myself up as a plan b, just in case....but I don't even want to think about it honestly.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 8:05 pm
by Nickolet
Manders~Thank you for the wishes :0)

Rochelle~ I ask myself all the time why it has to be so hard for us. Why can other people not even try and get pregnant. It is hard I know. I always wanted to have my kids close in age also.....but that didn't happen. I hope your day gets better Rochelle.

WBourne~ Keep your head up, your not out till the witch shows!! I hope she stays away!! Baby Dust to you!!

Flipflopmom~ YAY for the faint line!! Keep us posted when you use the pink test!

As for me~ 13dpo and cd29!! Lower back ache off and on today, cramping on and off today but not real heavy af cramps. My ladies still don't hurt. I don't know what to think and I'm to afraid to POAS! I keep thinking she is playing a really bad joke on me or she is just messed up from last cycle. We will see tomorrow.