Clearblue Advanced First reading always blank?

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Clearblue Advanced First reading always blank?

Postby deeseeme » Tue Jul 14, 2015 12:58 pm

For anyone who has used the Clearblue ADVANCED, have your first reading always been blank?

My cycle ranges from 27/28/29 days. I got the test on day 12, so I tested that day. On day 12 I got a blank circle ( indicating no high estrogen or LH).

It recommends to test first time on day 7 for someone with my cycle length, but I got impatient and couldn't wait until next month to start testing on day 7.

Clearblue Advanced measures Estrogen & LH both. During high estrogen days it shows flashing smiley and during high LH it shows solid smiley. Rest of the days it is blank circle which is what I got, I feel it being day 12 I should've gotten flashing smiley.

Will the clearblue advanced measure my next day estrogen & LH by making first day test as baseline, or if someone tests first time on their peak day it would show solid smiley?
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