when did I ovulate & what's wrong with me

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when did I ovulate & what's wrong with me

Postby slk77 » Wed Jul 15, 2015 12:57 pm

Ok i am so confused my head hurts from thinking lol. So here's what's going on i got my period 3 days early on 7/3 it ended 7/5 was a weird light one. 7/7 sm.lt brown spotting 2times. 7/9 pos opk,7/11&7/12 neg.opks but had 2 lines light test but visible(usually no test line or very faint). 7/13-today 7/15 pos opk's have done them 3xday. I had light cramping and tender breasts the last 2 days now today just tender nipples. I also checked my cm a couple times 7/13 white,lotion like,not sticky. 7/14 watery,clear,not sticky. Today 7/15 going back to the white lotion like form. I did take a hpt yesterday which i knew would be to early to take and it was neg. Pls tell me what's going on with me, I'm so confused.
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