when do you think i ovulated?

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when do you think i ovulated?

Postby 860lindsey » Sat Sep 03, 2016 7:09 am

Hi ladies,

I am hoping to get opinions as to when I ovulated. Here are my symptoms and temps:

Aug. 29 ewcm/temp 96.8
Aug. 30 ew and creamy cm/temp 96.8
Aug. 31 ew and creamy cm/temp 98.1
Sept. 1 ew and creamy cm/temp 97.2
Sept. 2 ew and creamy cm/temp 97.9
Sept. 3 creamy cm/temp 97.9

I had a negative opk on Aug. 29th but it was a dark negative, didn't test on Aug. 30th :doh:, and then with the temperature rise on Aug. 31st I didn't think I needed to test but now I wish I had.

I have not been logging my temps into FF but used that website when we were ttc #1. I think I will go back and try to put in the temps and see what it says but I would love your thoughts too. Before my coverline was always 97.5.

Thank you
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