First Postpartum O...Just as fertile?

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First Postpartum O...Just as fertile?

Postby MessybunMama » Thu Oct 20, 2016 11:04 am

Hello!! I just weaned my daughter (22 months old) earlier this month. It's been nearly two weeks since her last feeding (bittersweet!) and I didn't have any cycles whatsoever while breastfeeding, which some people call "lucky" but I never minded AF that much, personally. Except when TTC! Anyway, I didn't expect anything to happen so soon, but on late Sunday/all day monday I had middelschmerz in my left side, sore uterus (I wouldn't classify it as "cramping" because it didn't quite have that feeling) and "bursts" of EWCM - like, a LOT of it! DTD on Sunday night.
Does this sound like genuine ovulation?? I used to have long cycles before my first baby was conceived and I was never truly able to tell when I ovulated because I hardly had any symptoms, and I had mid-cycle spotting regularly. TBH my cycles were kind of an unpredictable mess. Low temps due to overtraining/low body fat percentage - (like I said, a mess. My body fat is in a healthier range now.)
I guess my question is, is it just as possible to get pregnant when things are so newly functioning after almost two years of nothing??
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Re: First Postpartum O...Just as fertile?

Postby carrotk » Sat Oct 22, 2016 1:28 pm

Definitely possible to get pregnant right away! It's also possible that your body is just getting used to ovulating again and my gear up to O a few times before it actually does. I got my PP AF back while I was still BFing, but there were a few times earlier on where I thought I might be ovulating based on signs, but then never got a period. The only way to know for sure would be to temp/chart or wait a couple weeks for AF/take a test.
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