Clomid. Ttc. PCOS!

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Clomid. Ttc. PCOS!

Postby Pcosdiiva » Mon Dec 19, 2016 5:37 am

Hey everyone. Just to be quick. I have pcos for 2 years. Trying to convince for 1 year now. This month might be my first cycle of clomid. I'm now on cd4 and I don't know if it's too late to visit the doctor. My problem is that my husband is a pilot and sometimes he leaves for 2 days which might make it a problem for me. I started my period on the 16th of dec. now cd4. He won't be here on the 31 December, 1 and 2 January which are cd16 cd17 cd18 Which is actually around the ovulation days if I start clomid. How late can I start clomid just to make sure that he's goin to be here on those days. I don't know what's my question exactly but I'm afraid that I would ovulate and he's not around or I skip the trigger shot and the egg turns into a cyst ! Help please
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