Ovulation Confusion...Please stop and give your opinion

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Ovulation Confusion...Please stop and give your opinion

Postby Echo3 » Sun Jan 22, 2017 10:20 pm

So I decided to not try this month due to my new job. My ovulation Calendar app had my fertile period the 1st-6 of January. Me and SO use the pull out method on new year's eve. I got a little ewcm on the 2nd (broke fairly easy). The Ovulation Calendar app has being fairly accurate so I was sure it would be closer to the 6th when i ovulate. Due to our busy schedules SO and I didn't bd again until the 14th of January. Here is were it gets confusing. On the 12th of January I had a glob of ewcm come out when I wiped. I am wondering if I could have been ovulating during that time. af is 2 days late. I have been getting a little yellow tinged stringy cm sporadically. I did a cervix check today and I had more of that yellow stretchy cm with a brown tinged to it. If i did ovulate around the 14th I would be about 7-8dpo. When do you guys think I ovulated? I have been having af cramps for about 3 days now. Maybe the brown and yellow cm will lead to my period tomorrow.

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Re: Ovulation Confusion...Please stop and give your opinion

Postby 860lindsey » Mon Jan 23, 2017 9:54 am

It's hard to say. If you ovulated late than your period would be late. If you did ovulate during the 2-6th enough time has pasted to be able to take a pregnancy test. My cycles are not really regular so I always go by what my body is telling me and not what those apps say. good luck to you!
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