Am i going to ovulate?

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Am i going to ovulate?

Postby ttc1112jess » Mon Feb 13, 2017 2:36 pm

I have pcos and am on my second cycle of clomid 100mg. I am on day 14 at the moment. I had an ultrasound yesterday (day 13) which showed that i had 1 dominant follicle on both the left and right side of 25mm. She said i hadn't ovulated yet but it looked like i was going to any day now.
The thing is , i have been using clearblue digital ovulation tests since day 12 and it has shown only low fertility . I just thought if i was going to ovulate that it should have shown something by now.
Has anyone been in a similar situation before? Is it likely that i will still ovulate? Confused and appreciate any advice ☺
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Re: Am i going to ovulate?

Postby thirdnerd » Mon Feb 13, 2017 9:19 pm

I just ovulated on CD 26, and that was on Clomid. I have PCOS too and I personally think it can mess with LH surges. Over a course of 11 days, I had 7 days of positive OPKs, so I kept thinking I was about to ovulate. I'm 4DPO now, so we'll see what happens in a couple weeks!
FWIW, I've had two healthy pregnancies and I ovulated past CD 20 with both of them. I think that's just how my body is.
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