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OPK/Temping question (plus introduction)

PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 8:11 am
by clynn393
Hi everyone. My name is Chelsea. I'm new to the boards! And fairly new to TTC (6 months), so sorry if I haven't got the lingo down yet!

Last summer I was diagnosed with PCOS. My husband and I hadn't really started TRYING, but I was off birth control. In August is when he decided he was ready. My doctor had already put me on Metformin so I had hoped that it would be enough. My cycles were typically about 38 days, but one month while TTC it last only 21 days, and after that it took over 50 days to get another period (my OB gave me Provera). My OB doesn't like to play around fortunately, and in the middle of that cycle I had a blood draw so she could see whether or not I ovulated. I did not. The following cycle, also started with Provera, no ovulation.

This cycle, also brought upon by Provera, she gave me Clomid to take CD 5-9. From CD 15-18 I got a flashing smiley face on my digital OPK (ClearBlue Advavnced). My test line on my Wondfo was lighter than the control line on my Wondfos (some days looked like they were possibly the same darkness). On CD 19 I got a solid smiley face and my test line on my Wondfo was noticeably darker than the control this time. CD 20, could not retake the digital (48 hour wait), but again my Wondfo was very positive. I am now on CD 22 and since my first positive Wondfo and up to today I am still getting positive on my Wondfo. My digital, yesterday and today, were negative.

So that I had to explain but the rest (temps, ferning) you can see from my chart:


My question is... Did I ovulate? Am I still waiting to? I'm so confused!

Re: OPK/Temping question (plus introduction)

PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 8:29 am
by clynn393
EDIT: I didn't use Wodnfo this cycle. I bought these tests from Walgreens. My bad! Anyway, I don't have pics of my tests from CD 21 or 22 because they're just the same as CD 19 and 20, except no smiley face on my Clearblue.


Re: OPK/Temping question (plus introduction)

PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2017 2:50 pm
by KittyKat414
Hi and Wecome!

I didn't want to read and run! I don't know much about temping and how to read charts so I'm no help there..

What I do know is that PCOS can cause us to surge several times in a cycle before we actually O. Our bodies try to gear up to O but don't, very frustrating. I have also read clomid can cause false positives if you test too soon after finishing your pills.

Try and post your chart on the Chart Stalkers Board. I'm sure someone there can give you some more useful feedback! Sorry I couldn't be of more help.. Good Luck to you!