Am I out this month? Need advice please

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Am I out this month? Need advice please

Postby Somebody » Fri May 12, 2017 12:40 pm

According to my app I was due AF 4 days ago.

I had sex, not even thinking about it as I was due a period and obviously thought there's no way I could be ovulating. I also had very sore boobs, which made me think I was due a period as well. And the app said I was, so I was following that.

Well out of curiosity, after sex, I decided to use an ovulation test. The test was the strongest it has ever been for me. The test line was a LOT stronger than the control line, I couldn't believe it as I thought I was due a period. Then figured my cycles must be irregular. Well I know they are irregular but thought they were getting back to normal. I took an ovulation test 3 more times throughout the day, spaced apart, with both diluted urine and none diluted. And all of them got stronger each time, very dark lines ten times stronger than the control line, so I am convinced I must have been ovulating and I had sex right bang on this day. I took an ovulation test the day after too, the line was still strong but not as strong and now the line is still there but faded. So I am presuming when the test line was stronger than the control, I must have been at my most fertile. It was clear as day. I thought maybe the first test must have been wrong with the app saying I am due my period, but I took 4 tests all together that day, and all were exact same and stronger than control line, so surely can't be a fault? Plus the tests have never been that strong before, and a lot of the time completely negative.

So I thought, maybe I'll have caught on due to unexpected ovulation but I can't get my symptoms out of my head which made me think I'd get my period, and I am thinking, am I out this month? Could this ovulation thing mean nothing? I started getting sore boobs about a week ago, very sore boobs, definitely not pregnant this time though as just haven't found the time, there's no possible way I could be. But they are really sore, I put this down to my period being due but obviously I then realised I was ovulating when I had sex, am I out because my boobs are hurting? Should I just stop thinking about it now, and forget about it? As my boobs are extremely sore, or could this be a symptom of ovulation too? Surely its not possible to get a period yet if I was ovulating so strongly just a few days ago? Any replies would be welcomed as this is stressing me out, don't know if its pointless even thinking about it!
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Re: Am I out this month? Need advice please

Postby 860lindsey » Sat May 13, 2017 1:13 pm

If you were just now ovulating your period will be later than normal. Your period always starts the same number of days after you ovulate. Everywoman is different, for me it's always 12 days after I ovulate. But typically depending on the woman it is somewhere between 10 to 16 days (14 being the "normal"). It is possible to get a positive ovulation test before your period is due because you always have the hormone the kits test for in your system but the way you described it with the multiple positive test and that it was fading out that does sound like a positive due to ovulation to me. Looks like you might be just now in your two week wait. Good luck!
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