Revised - weird opk

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Revised - weird opk

Postby Momof9treasures » Thu Aug 23, 2018 4:44 pm

For some reason it didn't copy and paste right, so here it is again. I also posted this in the over 40 group.

So...weird stuff going on. I was taking melatonin, just 1.5 mg, then read it could suppress the lh surge. I was using cheap opk's and getting all negatives. Very negative. I went and bought the clearblue with the blinking and solid smiley faces. I had a day and a half of blinking, then my solid two mornings ago. But I hadn't tested the night before so it could have been positive then. The cheapie were still negative. I didn't test yesterday since I had gotten the solid smiley but decided to this morning just for kicks. The cheapie was positive. And I for sure already ovulated as everything already dried up. This stuff us new to me, kind of. We only had to try for one of ours and I remember the opk was positive after ovulation for him, too. I still got pregnant as we had dtd before I got the positive. Any thoughts?
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