Age difference between kids?

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What is the best age difference between siblings?

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Postby bluedisc » Thu Aug 16, 2007 4:30 pm

There are so many factors to consider here.
One of them is your own age!!!!
It's much easier to plan confident gaps when you start in your early to mid twenties - my grandmother had three children, each born six years apart (ie. over 12 years). I guess she just wanted to raise them one at a time and appreciate as much one-on-one time as possible with each one!
I had my first at 36, naively waited 4 years to try again, once again conceived easily and had my daughter 5 months ago at 41.
Since looking for buddies with babies in my age group, I've realised I was lucky and a 4 year gap wouldn't be a great idea for someone in my age group!!!
Having said that, I think I might be pregnant again...will find out over the weekend.
Dp and I won't be devastated if no more come - we have two amazing children - but we would be happy to add to our family, so at 41, it looks like we have to try at every opportunity!
If we're successful, of course, we face a very tough few years with a cluster of small children in the house....but we won't mind!
If you're young enough to avoid the cluster, spacing them out makes more sense, and is usually better for the mother physically, but some people want to get that stage of looking after very small children over early so they can get back to earning money, or be young enough to get their figure back, or be able to get their life back etc...
Anyway, your own age is an important factor, especially if you want more than one or two....
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