When/what to expect?

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When to expect my period

4th nov
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21st nov
4th dec
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You are pregnant
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When/what to expect?

Postby Fasum » Sat Nov 10, 2012 6:35 pm

I already got pregnant twice before and lost both the pregnancy

Guys I am trying to conceive since sep 11th (had my period from 4-11th) and got my period or bleeding on 6th oct (stared spotting on 4th oct my period expected date) without any cramping (I usually have heavy cramping) and the bleeding was below my normal flow, it stopped on 11th oct and on 21st again spotted brow-light pink, then started bleeding 22nd night, this time too without cramping and less than normal flow.

So now when do I expect my period on 4th of nov (I know it's already past 4th but wanna know) or 21st nov? ( assuming I have 30-28day cycle)
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