TC #2 - Not Going Well...

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TC #2 - Not Going Well...

Postby everythingistaken » Wed Jul 30, 2014 12:45 pm

Hi all,

I have a daughter who's going to turn 18 months next week and we're TTC #2. We've tried on about 5 cycles now, but no luck so far (AF is about to come on this current cycle; scheduled for tomorrow but I can feel the cramps starting and I got a BFN yesterday). AF came back in January when my daughter was 11 months, and I was BF my daughter until the very start of 15 months (she decided she was no longer interested...).

While TTC #1, I got pregnant the first month but I had an early MC. We had two more unsuccessful cycles (both of which weren't really good attempts due to my husband being sick the first month and then just not being able to *ahem* finish the deed the second month), but then got a BFP on the 4th cycle. I tried every trick in the book while TTC on the later cycles since I very anxious to get pregnant again after the MC.

This time... a big fat NOTHING so far. We were less than careful on a cycle or two, then started TTC for the last 5 cycles. I haven't been trying any TTC "tricks" yet as I've been trying not to stress, but each cycle that goes by I'm getting more disappointed when the tests are negative and AF comes. We're DTD at the right times compared to ovulation.

I know we haven't been trying long and it's normal for it to take a while (instead of how it was our first time), but it's still frustrating. Is anyone in a similar boat?
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Re: TC #2 - Not Going Well...

Postby OCD2ww » Fri Aug 01, 2014 2:57 am


I'm in a similar boat. I'm trying to conceive my second child, and I think I'm driving my husband kind of crazy.

The first couple of months, it was just no birth control, cross my fingers. But now I'm fully armed with an arsenal of fertility tests, pregnancy tests, and internet research. My bathroom cabinets look like an EPT/ClearBlueEasy warehouse. The last several cycles, I've been keeping track in a period tracker app.

Like you, I know it's normal if it takes awhile. I think my impatience is caused by the unfounded fear that it won't happen again. I'd be much less bothered by waiting if I knew for sure it was going to happen.

Hang in there! Allow yourself to be frustrated because it IS frustrating, even if you haven't been trying for awhile. But remember that it doesn't mean there's anything to be concerned about :)

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Re: TC #2 - Not Going Well...

Postby jleighv » Fri Aug 01, 2014 2:12 pm

Well I'm not in a similar boat, but I am TTC #2. My daughter is 3 now and I have been trying since a little before she turned 1. I have very irregular cycles. I was using Vitex to regulate it. That worked, but I've decided to take a little break from that and I not trying, but not preventing. I still probably test once a week, but it's not as bad as it was.
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Re: TC #2 - Not Going Well...

Postby tryingnumber3 » Mon Aug 25, 2014 5:48 pm

I can totally relate. My 2 children were conceived the 1st month off bc pills. I was really almost expecting it to happen the same way once I agreed to try for number 3. I am now in the tww of my 3rd cycle ttc. It is really frustrating that I am not pregnant yet. I almost thought it would be a given that I would be pregnant immediately. I really hope this tww ends well. I agree it would be easier if I knew for sure it would happen, but I have been reading too much online and stumbled across secondary infertility. How are your cycles going everyone? any bfp's?
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Re: TC #2 - Not Going Well...

Postby MammaBear » Fri Sep 12, 2014 2:39 pm

In the same boat. Only took 2 tries for #1. Well, he is almost 16 months, and this will be cycle 4 coming up. Not to mention, with a toddler, you can't just drop everything and dtd whenever you want. I am not 36 as well, and the added pressure of being older and more high risk is overwhelming. I didn't really get to enjoy my first pregnancy (sold house, mother almost died - 4 months visiting hospitals and nursing homes - moved into house 1 month before delivery). I understand things take time, but this seems daunting. I will try OPK's this month, I was soooo stressed out last month, I didn't bother. And, this time going off BC has been horrendous, my hormones were crazy for 8 weeks (and I was too). Also a reason I want to get that BFP sooner
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