Pregnancy or First Postpartum Period?

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Pregnancy or First Postpartum Period?

Postby babydmom » Mon Apr 20, 2015 8:36 am

I have a 10 month old and we're working on #2.

I had an IUD placed when my current LO was 6 weeks, and the IUD went all wonky and they had to surgically remove it on March 17th. It hadn't been effective for a while before that, and we didn't get pregnant which makes me think breastfeeding was still preventing my cycle.

Since early March, we've been cutting back nursing significantly. He now nurses 3-4 times a day and takes a bottle at night so I have a stretch of more than 10 hours every night where I don't nurse. Huz and I have also been very active since 4/1 since we have no idea when I'll start ovulating again.

Since Monday (4/13), I've been nauseous. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday it was from 3pm-bed, Thursday all day, Friday not at all, and Saturday and Sunday all day. I know there are people that will adamantly tell you pregnancy symptoms are impossible before the BFP, but I've been pregnant twice and both times was nauseous a while before a BFP. I read that increases of progesterone and estrogen can happen at fertilization before implantation, so I"m just going to have to accept that explanation. I was still BFN as of this morning (a full week after the start of nausea).

I am never nauseous. I can literally identify every time I've been nauseous in my life, and its includes an illness at 13, 26, and my two pregnancies, so there is definitely something going on.

My real questions is, I'm wondering if the nausea could be the result of the return of my period. Logically, it seems like your hormones might go out of whack when your period returns. Has anyone experienced nausea before the return of your first post partum period?
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