Trying for #2 soon after #1

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Trying for #2 soon after #1

Postby TaraLang » Tue May 05, 2015 4:48 pm

Hello Everyone! I'm new to so I wanted to introduce myself!!
My name is Tara Andy husband and I just had our first son in January. We are so happy and just love him so much! We love being parents and have sways wanted a big family. It took us awhile to get pregnant with our son. What is funny is that we were trying for a long time but finally stopped trying and just like that we got pregnant! So with all that said we have decided I start trying as soon as we were able to.
When we were trying before I did not do anything besides track my periods. This time I'm trying the ovulation kits and such. After I had my son I had a feeling I was about to ovulate so I tested and sure enough I was. I ended up getting my period but it was light. It only lasted about 3-4 days. Before I had my son I had pretty heavy periods for a whole week. Anyhow, we tried again this month and I'm still waiting for my period to arrive... It should be here in about 5-6 days.
The weird thing is I feel pregnant. I haven't tested or anything because I had somewhat of a period. I've been very dizZy, short of breath, my boobs seem bigger, sensitive nipples and headaches! And even though this seems like a strange symptom... My chest hurts and with my first baby that happened. I guess all I can do is wait... But I can't shake the preggo feeling!
Anyhow, good luck to everyone who is trying!!
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