Not Sure Anymore..

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Not Sure Anymore..

Postby RamosFamily3 » Thu May 21, 2015 6:52 pm

Hello, My name is Jessica and the past few days for me have been way confusing. Fell into depression once things didn't make sense.
I'll try to keep this in order to make sense.
Last menstrual: 04/29/2015
Used OPKs and Preseed this month.
I got a super dark opk on the 9th of May. (a line just a dark as control line on the 8th)
Later that evening of the 9th, I felt ovulation pains.
We BD everyday, typically, so I knew I would be able to cover all my fertile days.
According to my MyDays App, I'm supposed to have ovulated on the 12th.
I decided to count DPO from the 12th.
Today, the 21st, I am 10 dpo.
On 8dpo, I took a first response test and I got a SUPER faint line instantly. Showed my fiance, got excited.
On 9dpo, took another. Test seemed lighter in my opinion, but to him, the line seemed just as light as the one prior.
Today at 10dpo. I took another first response at 6am and it was negative. Completely negative.
Same day, 10 dpo, at 8am I took another test but this one was from family dollar(blue dye). This test showed me a faint line right away.
Took a dollar test(pink dye) at 830pm, same day 10dpo, and negative.

I never felt pregnant. My fiance noticed small things such as my runny nose for the passed few days, snacking often and he says my nips have been hard random times of day. Which I laughed at all of his assumptions because I dont feel pregnant.

I'm beginning to think I've had a chemical. Or maybe could be too early for me still. I cant bring myself to stop testing. I'm a serial tester for sure.

Any opinions?
Thanks xx
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Re: Not Sure Anymore..

Postby RamosFamily3 » Fri May 22, 2015 5:46 am

Update: 11 DPO Took a digital and a dollar tree test. Both negative.
AF due on the 25th. I'm expecting her to show her face for sure.
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Re: Not Sure Anymore..

Postby starMint » Fri May 22, 2015 1:12 pm

keep us updated!

I think you are not out until AF actually comes. There are reasons why a lot of people say not to test until after AF is late (and even 1 week after AF is late)... the CP is one of those reasons (darn those dashed hopes!). I think you still could get that BFP - I've seen stories of the faint positive to negative to positive. Even if this was a CP, on the plus side it shows that you are fertile and can get pregnant. If it was a CP, one of the reasons it didn't stick would have been due to an abnormality (which is super common and a natural way our bodies look out for us and our progeny). FXing for you!!!
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