Is it possible to be pregnant and not show on bbt?????

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Is it possible to be pregnant and not show on bbt?????

Postby Jryans » Fri May 29, 2015 6:57 am

My husband and I have been ttc for our 2nd for about 9 months now. I am currently 8dpo and we made sure to bd every other day starting on the cd10 all the way through to the day of the big "O', which was cd16. I know I o'd cause on cd17 in the AM I went in for an ultrasound. So along with them saying I o'd and the shift on the BBT Chart I O'd on cd16. I have been on clomid 2 cycles now. The first on was in april and was 50mg second cycle i took in the beginning of may and was 100mg.

Here's my issue. Last month I could almost swear i was pregnant but I wasn't. I talked to the doctor and was told that Clomid can cause some symptoms of pregnancy. Well this month even with a stronger dose I don't feel any of those symptoms. I don't "think" i am pregnant but i do feel different. I know that bbt charting is supposed to be (or CAN be) an indicator of pregnancy depending on your temps. However have there been people that have been pregnant and not showed a sign at all?????

BTW i am not used to any of this i totally got pregnant with my son while i was on BC. I have attached the link to my chart. Please let me know if you cannot view it and think you can help.
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Re: Is it possible to be pregnant and not show on bbt?????

Postby Nwt814 » Fri May 29, 2015 12:53 pm

Elevated temperature has to be sustained for 18 days to indicate pregnancy on its own. Don't give up! 8dpo is early!!
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