Trying for #2

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Trying for #2

Postby speriamo » Wed Jan 20, 2016 5:48 am

Hi there ladies

I am trying for #2. I have a daughter who has just turned a year. It took us 13 cycles and a HSG to get pregnant with her. I have been trying again for about 4 cycles now but my luteal phase is too short which I put down to breastfeeding. Has anyone been in a similar situation. Over these past 4 cycles that I have been charting the LP has been getting shorter rather than longer. I am now taking B6 again and have stopped breastfeeding altogether and hoping we get a BFP soon. Look forward to taking the journey alongside you all x
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Re: Trying for #2

Postby kyrenora » Wed Jun 01, 2016 2:13 pm

Hey, I see you posted this a while ago, but I figured I would say hi.

I'm trying for #2 as well. My daughter will turn 1 next month, but we were able to get her on the 3rd cycle of actively TTC. We were NTNP for a little while before that. This is the first cycle we're actively TTC this time around, after about three months of NTNP. I'm still very irregular at this point - my cycle just started again in January. I had to stop BF a while ago because my supply was so low, so I was supplementing, and then bottles just became easier.
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Re: Trying for #2

Postby poppy24 » Thu Sep 01, 2016 7:45 am

Also trying for #2. My baby just turned 1 last week and I quit breastfeeding 6 weeks ago due to low supply. My cycle came back in February and we have been trying with minimal effort. First baby took 10 months and we got pregnant on our first round of progesterone. Took progesterone last month and it resulted in short cycle so I started temping this month. Temp shift didn't happen until CD23. Started progesterone the next morning. Hoping my body regulates soon!
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