TTC Baby #3 @ 30 yrs old

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TTC Baby #3 @ 30 yrs old

Postby angray02 » Sat Mar 12, 2016 12:13 am

I am in need of some help...Here is some history. I came off bc in December of 2015 after 4 years, we decide that its time ttc baby #3. Last mp was February 6, 2016, which was a normal 4-5days. We bd the whole time I was fertile. I started having symptoms around 7dpo-13dpo(today) that include: cramping (I never cramp unless it's the day before or of af), metallic taste in my mouth, bleeding gums, sore bb, dizziness, twingy pulling in my right ovary and uterus. I took 2 FRER over the weekend, both being BFN. On 12dpo I had a small amount of red blood with some cramping and thought crap, the witch showed. So I put a tampon in. I continued to bleed red blood, but then the next day it stopped!!! I only had a small amount of dark brown blood on my tampon, like the end of period blood. 13 dpo I woke up with more bright red blood in my underwear! What the heck?! Here's the kicker, I know this is TMI, but there is a distinct smell to AF blood. This does not smell like it at all..Also, it is really thin bright red blood. Today is 15 dpo I am still have bright red thin blood, but It's not enough for a tampon, and did not fill a hefty pad. When I sit down to pee, bright red blood drops out into the toilet, but it is stringy and looks like a nose bleed. I took a FRER this morning and it was bfn! I am still have the same symptoms, except now I am nauseous and have a bad headache. What is going on?? Does anyone think this could be IB or am I out?
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Re: TTC Baby #3 @ 30 yrs old

Postby FosterMom » Tue Jun 21, 2016 1:55 pm

Did anything ever come of TTC? I see that NOONE replied to your post...which is AWESOME about this many read and ignore. How is your path going??

Re: TTC Baby #3 @ 30 yrs old

Postby TTC#3@31 » Fri Sep 09, 2016 5:16 pm

Im new here- how did it turn out???
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