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TTC #3, gave birth 4 months ago, breastfeeding

PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 8:34 am
by My1Comp
Hello all! I am new to TWW however discovered this site a few cycles ago and decided to join as I've just recently begun my journey for baby number 3. I have quite a long history of TTC but finally got this womb working after 10 years or so when I naturally conceived my first born who is now a very healthy and happy 4 yr old preschooler! Followed by his little sister who just turned four months old the day before yesterday and now hoping to turn my dynamic duo into a terrific trio relatively soon! Although I conceived both my children naturally I experienced quite a few years battling infertility and will be happy to share or shed some light to those who may benefit from any information I have. Otherwise a few buddies to chat with along the way on this embarkment would certainly make the experience more pleasurable especially during that EVERLASTING TTW lol! So hop aboard if you'd like!