Why? What?

Support for anyone experiencing a miscarriage or looking for support from others who have been there.

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Why? What?

Postby indiasmommy1 » Fri Jul 13, 2012 8:44 am

I hope someone here can help me or shine some light for me. I am always on this site and I have met some wonderful people. I am always on the tww forums waiting and sharing and intaking wonderful stories.

I have 2 healthy children TTC #3 after a cyst tube and ovary removed in October 2011. All my life I have had normal regular 29 days cycles with ovulation. In June I swore I was pg. I had one pos test and the rest as days went on were BFN and then June 24th I had my menses for 4 days although not as heavy and without PMS. I Od on what I thought was July 6th 7th or 8th. Was in the TWW forum on 4 DPO and that night I began horrible back pains (labor like) then bleeding which has since gotten heavier and started out pink to brown and last night into today after a pelvic exam yesterday is now still heavy and bright red. To the extent of pads no thick clotting or tissue I believe. The Dr mentioned I might be having a miscarriage from my previous cycle and just didnt know I was pg because there was insufficient levels of HCG hence BFN and on time menses. He isnt sure. He said the blood was menstrual like but wasnt and it was not ovulation bleeding. I was hoping it could be IB but its too much for that as it is really heavy. This is worse than any period I have ever had. Cried yesterday 5 times for no real reason. Cramping lots of red flow. And general feeling bad all over. I am miserable. I am not never have been on BCP or any medecine to cause the hormones to be out of whack for this bleeding. He prescribed me provera to start a new regular period in 10 days but I dont know why because this is a mid cycle bleed and I have regular periods. My first ever mid cycle bleed.

Is this a miscarriage? Has anyone experienced similar. Please help me. Thank you.
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Postby HawkeyeGirl16 » Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:27 pm

I'm sorry that I may not be much help, but just curious as to how you know that you O'd? With a miscarriage, when the hcg drops to nearly zero it triggers bleeding. You won't O though until after this happens. So if it was a miscarriage causing the heavy bleeding, then you wouldn't have ovulated before the bleeding. Other causes of heavier bleeding could be hormonal (high levels of stress could affect) or something like a fibroid.

I hope you can get some answers. Hang in there! :hugs:
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