My cycle is messed up

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My cycle is messed up

Postby KettaTheSnowLeopard » Sun Feb 10, 2013 1:58 pm

Okay, this needs a little explaining. I hope I don't ramble too much and that it makes sense.

So, I was pregnant, but extremely early on back in early January. My period would have been on January 31st, but I was having tons of pregnancy symptoms. Even though I wasn't showing up positive on a test yet, my OBGYN was positive I was pregnant.
Then, on January 21st, I found out that my corpus luteum had developed a cyst in my ovary. The cyst burst, causing me to bleed excessively, and causing the zygote to unattach from the uterine wall. It was, in essence, a miscarriage.

I still haven't had my period yet. I've taken many tests, and all of my previous pregnancy symptoms have gone away. I know I'm not pregnant, but without my period, how do I know when I can try again?
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