miscarriage without a miscarriage...please help!

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miscarriage without a miscarriage...please help!

Postby shirleyfluff » Wed Mar 27, 2013 4:17 am

Hello ladies
I need some advice I am so confused :(
I had 3 bfps two weeks ago.
My husband I were so excited and couldnt believe it and felt to blessed.
Last week I would have been around 5 weeks pregnant.
Anyway at work last wednesday I began to feel nauseaus and dizzy. I began to cramp and felt so unwell a colleague too me to see my doctor.
He upon examining me called for the paramedics and I was taken to hospital with a suspected eptopic pregnany. Heartbroken was an understatent!
After blood rests and an ultrasound I was told by the doctor I had had an early misscarriage as my hcg was very low. My tubes were fine and no sign of an eptopic pregnancy.
I was given painkillers and told that I would begin to bleed in the next couple of days.
Fast forward to now 7 days later and I have not had a spot of bleeding no cramps just very sore breasts, very loose bm and still having waves of nausea.
Has anyone experienced this?
What do I do now?
I cant even begin to move on and think about trying again until I have had a period.
Thanks for your help
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Re: miscarriage without a miscarriage...please help!

Postby Rosie-o » Wed Mar 27, 2013 1:43 pm

A good friend of mine had a MC @ 8 weeks. She found out the baby had no heartbeat at around 8 weeks, had no bleeding so 2 weeks later went to have another scan and there was nothing there at all. They said her body must have just broken it down and absorbed it on it's own.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

I would get another scan if I were you- and if you like you could request a D&C if there is anything still there.
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Re: miscarriage without a miscarriage...please help!

Postby MercyC » Wed Mar 27, 2013 2:46 pm

I tried to look at your chart, but you've got the wrong link in your siggy - you have to grab the link from the "sharing" section of FF.

You might not get AF for a while after an early mc - or she might come in the next couple weeks. Everyone's different, and it just depends. So don't worry, unless you have other symptoms that are concerning like a fever or signs of infection, you're fine. There's not really a normal at this point. Keep temping if you already do because that will help you figure out when you O next and that gives you a good idea of when to expect AF. I O'd exactly 4 weeks after my mc at 5 1/2 weeks and got AF today at exactly 6 weeks after. You might get AF without Oing at all too. Your schedule from before the pregnancy doesn't really matter much after.

Also, you CAN try again right away if you want to, but that's another reason to be vigilant with your temps. That's how you'll know if/when you O and when to look for AF or test. It's also a good way to date the pregnancy since you haven't had AF yet since the mc. Good luck! Losing a pregnancy sucks - I'm sorry you have to go through it.
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Re: miscarriage without a miscarriage...please help!

Postby booger » Thu Apr 04, 2013 3:21 pm

Oh, that's awful!
Are they ordering blood tests to make sure your HCG keeps dropping? For mine (I was about 5 weeks pregnant), I bled for a few days (not very heavy) and thought it was over and was like, "wow that wasn't too bad--when will I ovulate now?" The next week I had REALLY heavy bleeding (so that was like 11 days after it first started). That was scary for me because it was SO MUCH blood and didn't expect it. The dr put me on cytotec then, and I took it for a couple days. He said if the bleeding didn't slow down, then they would need to do a D&C. There weren't clots or anything--just blood. I guess there was still something that my body needed to pass so it was trying to get it out??? But there was definitely much less after 2 days when I saw him again, so it worked out with just the cytotec. Within a few days, I finally had a negative HPT.... Anyway, you can see my chart here http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/42ba9f/

It sounds like they're all different, but if I were you, I'd still be freaking out about when it will happen!! It's so awful to not know or understand what's going on in your body!!!!!
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