Recurrent Miscarriage and High Sperm DNA Fragmentation

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Recurrent Miscarriage and High Sperm DNA Fragmentation

Postby Skot » Thu Jan 02, 2014 11:30 am

Update: DNA Fragmentation and Recurrent miscarriage
I thought I'd post an update as you were so helpful in responses after my miscarriages. DH and I went to a miscarriage specialist for tests. I had blood clotting tests, inherited tests: Factor V, MTHFR and acquired: Thromboelastogram etc. I also had Ultrasounds, hormone, LH, FSh, AMH, prolactin, progesterone, thyriod screen amongst others! Last test was a Karyotype.
Thankfully..(I think) they all came clear. The specialist did send my DH for sperm test and DNA fragmentation and shockingly DNA Frag/DFI came back at 66%! This is super high as upper end of norm is 24% and after 30% they say little chance of having a live birth.
Of course we were devastated but the doctor was amazed we managed to concieve twice in 6 months.
We decided because we seem to have a better chance at concieving with normal BDing 15-20% than IVF with ICSI and TESE at 5%.
Doctor advised DH to go on Vitamin C, Selenium, Zinc etc and we just had another test and SA results are greatly improved though we haven't done another DNA Frag test. Doctor suggested cause progressive motility was now way above norm at 60% DFI may be better too.
We are trying again and hoping for a BFP (and good egg and sperm). Difficult being positive so would be good to hear from other people who are going through this too.
Baby dust to you all :)
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