can anything help me not go through this again

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can anything help me not go through this again

Postby redneckgurl26 » Sun Jan 05, 2014 7:52 pm

Hi Ladies.

Here's a little history on me :

I had two miscarriages back in 2007 (5 months apart). I was in a steady relationship then but we weren't trying.

I have had irregular periods my whole life but they had gotten kinda regular on bcp and stayed that way even off of them until my second miscarriage. Since then my cycles have gotten wackier and wackier over the years. In November of 2012 I had blood work done which showed high testosterone levels. I was diagnosed with PCOS after seeing and endocrinologist. I was started on metformin. In one month of being on it my cycles went from being 60 to 90 days (sometimes longer) to being around 40 days. My cycles are averaging 36 to 41 days.

I started seeing my fiance back in January 2013. I got my first bfp in July after 6 years not having had my period for 2 to 3 months. All of my doctors were thinking it was the PCOS again and so was I because I had only spotted in May about 25 days after my previous cycle. About 2 weeks after the spotting I had a negative hpt and none of my doctors ever did another one. I had an ultrasound done about a week after the bfp because of cramping and I found out the baby had passed at 8 weeks. So once again I was miscarrying. I was devastated. I had a d&c on July 18th because we didn't know exactly how far along I was supposed to be and there was no sign it was going to happen naturally because my hcg level was still high at 40,000. I found out about a week after that that some how there was a tiny but of left over tissue. My next cycle came on time at the end of August when I was getting ready to move. I don't think I passed that tissue until my cycle in October.

When my next cycle was due I got a bfp and was so scared it would happen all over again. I think that was why when I found out it was a blighted ovum just before Christmas it didn't upset me like it should have.

When I moved back in September not long after that I got really sick with a bad kidney infection. I was still getting over it in October when I conceived. I had a cat scan with contrast just before Halloween which was around the time of conception which made the radiologist that did my first ultrasound question viability. It was about that time that I think I became resigned that it would happen.

I miscarried the week of Christmas (great time for it right?) and am still spotting. This was my first ever completely natural miscarriage so I don't know what is normal and what isn't.

After my miscarriage in July they did do recurrent loss blood work as well as chromosomal testing on the baby. The blood work came back showing a MTHFR mutation but I was told it would not cause any problems. I have read a lot lately about the mutation and found out even 1 mutation can cause problems. I will start seeing a hematologist as soon as I can get a referral but in the mean time I'm lost as to why this keeps happening.

Is it worth me starting the active forms of folate and b vitamins or should I wait to see the specialist?

Had anyone else been through this (I sincerely hope not)? Do any of you have both PCOS and MTHFR? What do you take or do that had been helpful? Any suggestions as to what I can take or do that might be helpful?
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Re: can anything help me not go through this again

Postby Kandii » Fri Jan 24, 2014 6:59 pm

Hi there, I can't really offer any help as to what to do, but I noted in your sig you have "Blighted ovum". I just got diagnosed with this same thing yesterday. Emotionally I have felt like I MC'd, but physically I haven't yet. I'm sorry for your losses. I know I have been struggling to deal with this one. But for BO there is nothing we can/could do to prevent it. FX you get that sticky bean.
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