HELP! Is this a chemical pregnancy?

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HELP! Is this a chemical pregnancy?

Postby Oyin » Mon Feb 17, 2014 8:43 am

Hello all,

I went to the dr when I was 8dpo because I thought I had UTI, the doctor recommended that I do a blood pregnancy test. Fortunately, it came back positive, the doctor immediately started me on progesterone suppository because I have a history of miscarriage. DH and I were very happy about the positive result. So on 14dpo, that day my period was to start I did a home pregnancy test and it came back negative. I immediately went back to the doctor and they did another blood test and the result came back "faint positive". I asked the doctor what that meant and he wasn't helpful, he just ordered a quantitative test and said to continue with the progesterone and come back in 2 days for my hcg levels.

I am very worried because I at 8 dpo it wasn't a "faint positive" it was a strong positive. Please any information would be helpful because I am going crazy.
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Re: HELP! Is this a chemical pregnancy?

Postby Showersandrainbows » Fri Feb 28, 2014 11:51 am

As far as i know a chemical is when you find out youre pregnant but bleed out at the normal time of your due period. Seeing as though youve passed your due date i would think this is not the case. Im guessing you need to keep your hormones doubling to feed the pregnancy and this is why youre on the progesterone as your body is not producing enough. Sounds good that you started on it so early aswell. Hope all progresses well for you. You are doing all you can. X
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