*Cycles after D&C/Miscarriage - What to expect*

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*Cycles after D&C/Miscarriage - What to expect*

Postby haven12 » Fri Mar 07, 2014 11:17 am

Hey guys! I FINALLY got my period after D&C for MMC on January 22nd. During my last cycle (the cycle of the D&C), I did get a positive OPK but my luteal phase was much shorter than normal and my boobs never became sore (they are ALWAYS sore after I ovulate). My question - when did you cycles go back to normal (or did they)? or when did you get a normal cycle regardless if it was your old "normal". I really want to start TTC again this month but I have NO idea when I will ovulate, etc... THANKS in advance!
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Re: *Cycles after D&C/Miscarriage - What to expect*

Postby BichonFrise » Wed Mar 19, 2014 8:34 pm

my first AF after MC was normal (Ovulated on time, AF came on time. counting miscarriage date as CD1).

The 2nd cycle was longer (ovulated 1 week late) but I ended up getting BFP in that cycle (though ended up in early MC at 5 week). The next cycle, it was even longer (ovulated 2 week late), despite that, I'm pregnant again on that cycle (and going for 9.5 weeks now and praying that this will be a healthy one).

So it seems to me that your cycle or ovulation might be out of whack for a while but if you temp and do OPK, you can still catch your ovulation & conceive. I was told to wait for one AF cycle before trying again (though on this one, I got pg back to back).

Good luck!
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