IVF Miscarriage of one embryo, other still attached

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IVF Miscarriage of one embryo, other still attached

Postby Kentuckygal24 » Thu Mar 13, 2014 2:30 pm

Hi. I'm looking for anyone who has had a similar experience. I am currently 5w5d pregnant. Transferred two embryos on Feb. 20, beta #'s suggested both took but was never confirmed by ultrasound. Yesterday I went to use the restroom and there was blood when I wiped, about 10 minutes later I went back to the bathroom and passed a large clot. This went on for a couple of hours with bleeding and passing smaller clots. I went to my fertility clinic and they performed an ultrasound which showed one embryo still attached measuring 5w4d. She saw the gestational sac and yolk but no fetus yet. Met with the doctor to discuss the results and she said right now the embryo is holding on but she was concerned about its low position in my uterus. And said if I kept bleeding it would likely lead to miscarry for this embryo.
I went home and put myself on bed rest and the bleeding stop around 6 last night and there were no clots after the first couple of hours. I've had some brown discharge since but no cramps or any other sign of miscarriage. I called the clinic and they said they are "encouraged" that I have stopped bleeding but won't see me until next week for an ultrasound to confirm if my one embryo is still growing.
Has anyone dealt with a similar situation? Is it common to stop bleeding completely and then still go on to miscarry? Anyone lost a twin and still went on to carry a healthy singleton?
Thanks for any response!
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