Can you have a chemical pregnancy without a positive hpt?

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Can you have a chemical pregnancy without a positive hpt?

Postby bsimmons4514 » Wed Jul 16, 2014 12:33 pm

Starting at 9dpo I started to spot a tiny bit, only when I would wipe and not everytime. This happened at 10 and 11 dpo as well. it remained very scant and light pink/brown. I had some cramping and I figured this was implantation. I wasnt due for AF to arrive until 6 more days. I'm never early and never spot before she comes. my cycles are 28 days and always have been. I took hpt's all during this time and all were negative. Starting on 12dpo i started to bleed more heavily and it more bright red. I"ve started passing clots as well. Today is the day I was due for AF and I'm still bleeding pretty heavily and passing clots. Could this be a chemical and my hcg levels just never reached enough to be read on a hpt, because maybe it implantation and didnt stick right away?? I'm so confused because I have never had a cycle like this!
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Re: Can you have a chemical pregnancy without a positive hpt

Postby Stardancer8764 » Wed Jul 16, 2014 7:38 pm

I would say a funky period. It happens sometimes. I think a HCG would pick up a positive pregnancy, given some are more sensitive than others but most can pick it up by 12dpo, but if this was earlier than expected I would say early AF. Don't torture yourself convincing yourself its a chemical- you never got a BFP- no need to hold on to that thought and torture yourself sweetie. Could have been a host of reasons why it was heavy/early/funky. Hopefully your next one is normal and you get a BFP.
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