Is this normal for chemical/ early miscarriage?

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Is this normal for chemical/ early miscarriage?

Postby hopefullymommy » Wed Jul 08, 2015 8:48 am

Hi ladies, after a :bfp: on the 2nd followed by lighter and lighter tests and :bfn: starting on the 5th I went to my RE for blood work yesterday (the 7th) which came back "negative." I didn't think to ask the exact number, they just told me it had to be a chemical and offered progesterone to bring on bleeding since I haven't started to bleed on my own yet. Also said we do not need to wait a cycle as my blood work was negative we can still move forward with clomid and trigger this cycle.

Anyway, the night of the 6th I was woken several times with pains in my bikini area (not cramps), not sharp but achy and painful enough to wake me up. They have continued off and on ever since, and today I have a heavy/ full pressure feeling in the same area, accompanied by occasional shooting pains if I move too quickly. I have yet to start bleeding, and this feels very different from my previous miscarriages... has anyone experienced this? Should I be concerned? I've used progesterone to bring on :af: when not pregnant and it was a heavy, painful period.... is it going to be even worse now? With the pains I'm already having I'm almost scared to take the progesterone... anyone been through this? I could use some advice please. As if the emotional pain weren't enough :(
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